The repository of PcmciaKai

This website is a collection of helpful guides/tutorials which I wrote (and will write) for you and for myself. I tend to forget quite a lot, so I try to write things down as detailed as possible.


Since I occasionally like to write scripts (mainly for a game called GMod, but also for Windows) and also enjoy 3D level designing with Hammer (Source SDK), you will also find some maps or scripts in the content section.


Please bear in mind that this page is under eternal construction since 2011. I forget way too often to keep things up to date.

About me

I am a student in Hamburg (Germany), currently doing my master's degree in chemistry. There, I am trying to get insights into life on earth an how it is even possible. It has always been a dream of myself to use knowledge and improve life in some way. Before I started studying I thought all my present questions would be answered, but only more arose. I quickly learned that exactly this is science, and the best we can do is to do approximations and hope that they somehow fit to our observations.


However, chemistry isn't the only thing in my life and alongside to my usually time consuming studies, I also like to follow some of my interests and hobbies.


I was born in 1993. While this is too late to have witnessed the giant leaps which were done in computer development, I still grew up to see a lot of change in software and hardware. This shaped me in a way that I am now always curious to see the upcoming tech releases, but still highly value older equipment. How else could I explain the 1962 microphone and 1995 headphones on my desk? Because I also hate to declare things as broken and throw them them away, I am always trying to learn to repair them.


Since I was little I enjoyed looking at planets and stars and imagined what it would look like if it was possible to see them from close-up. Only later I also realised how hard it is to imagine that the universe is supposed to be infinite, and always expanding. I still wish that I live long enough to see space travel happen, but on the other hand I kinda doubt it. I feel it would be more okay for me to live with just dreaming, if I didn't know that there is so much to discover out in the universe.


Taking pictures is the best and quickest way to capture memories for later. But furthermore, it can be art. I mainly love the aspect of focusing on specific aspects on an object and looking at it from different perspectives than I normally would.

Immersive Stories

An individual person is only a small entity on a huge world and this limits our experiences. So what could be better than getting an in-depth look into different times (future/past/utopia/dystopia/...) without waiting for the invention of a time machine? This is why I love movies, video games or books which are capable of fully immersing me.