CS:S Creating soccer textures

Maybe you all know soccer maps like ka_soccer_2006_v3 or other ones.
It is a great job by LOLOBUBU and I have done a tutorial on how to do such a map.
Now let's do some professional textures!

Needed programs:
-Adobe Photoshop/Other Image Editing Tools
-VTFEdit/Photoshop VTF Plugin

Run GCFScape and open your 'source materials.gcf', go 'hl2', then 'materials', then 'Nature' and then extract the grassfloor002a.vtf and open it with VTFEdit. Then export it from VTFEdit into a .tga and open it with your image editing tool. The grass looks dark and unhealthy, so go create a new layer on it with 20% opacity. Now go fill the layer with a green color, this is not the end green you will have on your texture, just have a green. Now go Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation and edit the green to your likings. Now you can make more of these Grass images with one layer green, maximum grass textures you can need is 4. If you want a striped grass texture go create a new file RGB/8Bit with 512x512 pixels and just put 2 of your grass textures on it in a row. Go import it in VTFEdit and save it as a .vtf. Now we need a .vmt for the file, I am not using the integrated feature in VTFEdit so just create a file and name it the same as the .vtf name.

"$basetexture" "FOLDERNAME/FILENAME"
"$surfaceprop" "grass"

At foldername it is not the folder 'materials', it is a folder inside it, you can decide the name.
The filename does not content .vtf at the end!

Pitch lines:
Just use one of your grass textures, go Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation or Black and White! Just make a nice white that looks like a real pitch line on grass. Use the same .vmt settings as in your normal grass texture.

The Ball:
Creating a ball texture needs some uber photoshop skill or good pictures. A soccerball texture is 512x512 pixels and looks like this:

I think how to create such a texture is self explaining and here you get the .vmt settings:

"$surfaceprop" "glass"

The Nets:
First find a nice soccer net texture like these here: http://www.national-sport.com/soccer-nets.html
I have to say that there is a small bug with colored nets: If you see for example a black net on distance, it looks very white, you can go nearer to it and it will get black! So let's make some white nets, like most of them in real life. Net textures are normally 128x128 pixels.
To get a nice looped texture you have to pick your image, resize it to the net size and put 2 copies of the same net texture in a big 512x512 pixels image near the other, maybe like this:

This image is just for testing the looping: Select one copy and go Edit->Free Transform->Warp ? Now you can transform the edges of the net to fit the other one, turn the images, fit another edge and so on! If you finished just create an image out of your fixed net layer. Oh, yes, I forgot: How to make a texture transparent? Take the magic wand tool select one white part on your texture and remove it. Do it until you got your net surrounded with squares. (Remember to adjust the sensitivity of the magic wand tool, if you are not selecting enough.) And one of the last steps, just make your net texture white by using Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation or Black and White! Save your professional net texture as a .png so it will stay transparent. The .vmt settings are here:

"$surfaceprop" "glass"
"$translucent" 1

With PakRat you can open .bsp files and import or export textures or other custom materials out of it! Download it here:
PakRat v0.95
It is a free Java tool!

Last Notes:
Thank you very much for reading my tutorial, I did this so people finally know how to do a soccer map and to make the soccer community bigger. This tutorial is made for use with my soccer map tutorial.


(c)2008 by PcmciaKai [http://pcmciakai.jimdo.com/ -

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